Port and Chocolate Truffles

I know all my recipes are easy but you guys, this one by far is the quickest one to throw together. Not only does port and chocolate make the perfect pair but this is a sexy way to serve the two. Feel free to make your own truffles but I took the easy way out and bought my favorite ones from Trader Joes (my favorite store ever if you can’t tell already). I definitely think this should be consumed at your next get together, cheers!


  • Chocolate Truffles homemade or store bought
  • Christian Brothers Ruby Port ($6 and it’s pretty tasty)
  • 6-8 shooter glasses
  • 6-8 cocktail picks


  1. Pour port into shooters filling about 1/3 of the way up
  2. Use a cocktail pick, poke truffle through and place on top of shooter
  3. Serve to guests!

Serves 6-8


Photo Credit: Angie Cox

Website: http://www.shotsbyangie.com/blog/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shots_by_angie/


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